diy abstract wall decor

Does anyone here struggle with finding wall art that you like? When you do find something it can be expensive or out of budget. Most clients have trouble with finding wall decor that they like. My searches almost always involve finding wall decor that for their spaces. I look for inspiration and items that are within their budget. That often leads me to thinking….I can make that. Its just paint!

That leads me to this abstract wall art project! You can totally do this!

Keep in mind….choose your colors to fit your scheme of your room, choose the size you want, and dress up with a nice frame. It can totally be customized to fit your style!

Here is what you will need to get started:

  • basic canvas (any size you want)
  • Fusion pouring resin
  • Sample size paints
  • small cups or bowls
  • plastic spoons
  • plastic or drop cloth

{Quick Steps}

1. Lay out your plastic or drop cloth. This project can be a little messy especially if you go with large scale canvas.

2. Decide what colors you want to use. I used 5 coordinating colors for my piece including a metallic. The metallic adds a beautiful shimmer to the piece. You can find the colors I used here. I grabbed the sample size from my shop.

  • little whale
  • seaside
  • sterling
  • ash
  • champagne gold

Fusion Mineral Paint This is by far the best paint I have found that is easy to work with. It goes on super smooth, you can distress (if you want), self- leveling, built in top coat, and goes really long way. It is a great paint for painting furniture.

3. Start adding resin + paint. Start adding your resin to each cup. I used a 1/4 of cup of resin for the small 8×10 canvas + 2-3 drops of paint. The ratio to paint is only 10%. It doesn’t take much paint to tint the resin. The resin keeps the colors from mixing together and creating 1 color. This is the key ingredient to making the project work. This is a referral link to the resin on my Amazon shop. Mix the paint and resin with one of your plastic spoons.

4. Grab your canvas and start pouring. This is where you decide how to you want to pour. There is no right or wrong way to this. This is just the method I used on my project. I started in the center with a color and kept going around with all 4 then added my metallic. I did leave a tiny bit of paint to use if I wanted to add more color once I start shifting the paint.

It really is that easy. You are only limited to your imagination. I would suggest grabbing a smaller canvas to practice on….just keep in mind that no two will look the same. Grab your paint and your canvas. Turn on the radio and just have FUN. That’s the best way.

This is a Live video I did on my Facebook page….make sure you are following me over there.

5. Pick your canvas up and start tilting. Start tilting the canvas till the paint runs around on the canvas. Keep it moving and once you have the design you are going for. Let it sit to dry for few hours. The resin in the paint will harden and have glossy finish.

Dress it up with a frame and you are all set with a beautiful piece of abstract art that you MADE yourself…for a fraction of the cost.

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