christmas tree decorating tip

Who else has a plain jane tree? Me!! I don’t have the budget for a Balsam hill or King of Christmas brand of tree. I sure wish I did, because they are beautiful. I love how they look so real! Keep reading for the one thing that you can buy that will make a huge impact but not huge price tag. Find a few key pieces and spend a little extra on things that will last.

Its Garland!

A good garland or a good quality wired ribbon will last a lot longer than something inexpensive or poor quality. I’ve had my pine garland for 9 years and it still looks as good as the day I bought it. I use about 3-4 garland strands in my 9′ tree. My tree nestles in the corner so I can make it go further my wrapping it around the front. I would find some that has great life-like qualities like pine cones, magnolia leaves, pine stems, berries, etc. It will all depend on the look that you want to go for.

gingerbread tree

I’ll give you one example of a client’s I used a few years ago.

She wanted neutral (no red) and already had incorporated metallics, coppers, and blue hues in her ornaments. I added the gold ribbon, blue/brown gingham, white tallow berry stems, metal snowflakes, and a few glittery pinecone ornaments. She has lots of blues and browns in her furniture so I found the ribbon and we went from there. Now when she gets ready for a change she can add different berry stems or ribbon. Quality will always look so much better!

Here is a quick video of what this tree from the client’s house looked like.

Quick close up of the tree

I love Christmas, have I said that before? I would love to hear your tips in the comments.

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