designing a master bath

We all struggle with certain spaces in our home that we know we need to do something to. Majority of the time its the private spaces that get neglected. We worry about the kitchen, the family room, all the common areas that get decorated first and then the master suites get the leftovers.

With this particular project, I had a blank slate. It had recently been painted and she was in the process of updating the brass fixtures and shower doors. The main problem for this space was the lack of storage. It has a good size cabinet space under the sink but it wasn’t enough storage. She wanted more storage for towels and bathroom essentials.  We all need that, right?

Adding Storage

We started with the wood and metal shelves she had seen in the shop I hung these shelves using a self drilling dry wall anchors so that they were sturdy enough to hold the weight. Keeping it simple since these will be used and aren’t just decorative. You can see how easy it was to hang these level and even with this quick tip here.

More storage was added with enamelware shelves on a small wall beside the sink. These canisters were cute and functional to add in things like cotton balls and q-tips. The wall pockets help to tie in the succulents from the other side of the room.

master bath design storage

Adding Decorative Elements

Beside the shelves, I added in the planter hooks and some white ceramic planters on either side of a large wall art piece from Kirkland’s. These succulents were added in the planters, so she didn’t have to worry about watering.

 The large wall art piece is from Kirkland’s and you can find the link to the wall art piece below. It is great for a adding textures in a neutral space.

Bloom Canvas Wall art <affiliate link>

master bath wall decor

It is now a functioning master bath! It only took getting things up off the floor and out of baskets and on to the wall to free up the space. Plus its pretty, calming bathroom that functions well!

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