DIY Spring Bunny & carrots

I know many of you aren’t ready for Spring yet……but this is to get your mind going to all things warm and spring blooms. I had these little guys in the shop last year and they were a hit! So I thought I would show you how to make them. I love using items that we have around the house and making something cute for the season!

This is 2 Easy projects in one blog post that you can use to decorate with together.


First of all is the carrot….You will need just a piece of scrap wood, orange and brown craft paint (any craft paint will do), and some type of greenery. With this project, I picked up a boxwood stem from Walmart for .97 cents.

These are just some scrap pieces of wood that my husband trimmed down with a band saw and made little indentions in with the saw.

Spring Decor

Grab your orange paint next and just give the wood a good coat. Once it dries, you can start painting in the brown in the crevices. You can also use stain to get in the grooves….just use a small brush and don’t go too heavy with it. That’s what I used with mine, because I didn’t have any brown paint on hand.

wooden carrots

They turned out so cute! I styled them in a dough bowl with the rabbit (that I’m going to show you how to make below). Stay with me….keep scrolling.

Spring Decorating

{Bunny Rabbit}

Who doesn’t love a little rabbit for spring?

My husband had a piece of white chippy siding he pulled off of an old building that was being torn down at my grandmother’s. I printed out a bunny silhouette (see below) and then just cut it out and traced on backside of the board. The silhouette was the easiest one to trace and then I also grabbed a short one too. The wood is thick enough for the the bunnies to stand on his own. You could also attach to a sign or wreath.

Rabbit Silhouette

I scaled it down to fit landscape on standard sheet of paper.

Spring Decor

He used a band saw to cut the little bunny out for me.

Spring Decor

This was how I ended up styling them a couple of different ways. The wood siding he used was thick enough to allow the bunnies to stand on there own. Grab some paint if you want and paint them up….but for me white chippy paint is PERFECT on its own!

DIY spring decor

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DIY Spring Bunny & Carrots