fall inspiration

If you know me by now, you know I’m not a traditional decorator for the seasons. Fall is no exception.

Its always fun for me to try new ways to decorate! Last year, inspiration hit when I ordered some really cute fall pillows for the shop…

I thought these were so pretty! I really wished I had one for myself now. ha

Loved the colors in them and they coordinated perfectly with the heirloom pumpkins I bought. I kept this space up front in my store with mostly grey, greens and pop of peach from the pumpkins.

Here are some inspiration pics from the shop last year. I hope it inspires you to think of fall not as the traditional orange and mustards but can be adapted to any style that fits you.

Merchandising a shop is a little different than styling a space in your home. Space costs money and when you can’t go out with more space…..you go up. This space that I rented had great lofty windows and tall ceilings. So really the sky was the limit. I could go up as high as this short girl could reach. lol

For this one, I used old porch posts cut up to give me some height along with pampas grass from my yard (freebie). The chippy green stool added just the right pastel colors to tie in with the color scheme I had going on. You can’t tell in the last picture but I had a railroad cart going underneath the nesting tables that were stacked. So I had 4 different layers to get in the most product I could. You wouldn’t do this at home, of course, but you can use the same principles. Layering in the nooks and crannies when merchandising is my favorite part.

This is another display done with the same principles. The farm tables layered over each other and the grey accent table where the first pieces I placed. Then added in the grey tool box and lamp. These are what I call the “medium” size pieces. The same technique can be used at home or designing for client. I start with my large, then medium, and then work down to small details.

I hope these inspire you to try new ways to decorate and make your house your own!

We don’t have to be ordinary when it comes to decorating. Make your style Unique to You!

In case you want to make one of these easy fall hydrangea wreaths….here is the blog post.

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