Gallery wall faves

I gathered up my favorite pictures of gallery walls! These are a few that I have done for myself or clients. This time of year, we are all itching to redo and revamp. I encourage you to do the one thing we all put off….your walls. I gathered these to give you some inspiration.

There is a method I use in finding your anchor piece. In each one of these you can tell what the anchor piece is and then I work my way out my adding in items that will give you interest. Items like wreaths, wall pockets, small signs, baskets, and then of course signs or frames. I really try to no have too many signs or a bunch of items where you have to read everything. Wall decor is transitioning to be more clean and only a few things on the walls. However, my motto is always you do you. Do what you love and don’t worry about the rules or what’s in. I love all styles and even my personal taste is changing. We all go through stages of needing a change. My mission is to inspire you to make your house your own.

This one was a foyer with a blank slate.

This was located in a dining room and I anchored the wall art from Small woods with a wooden decor and botanicals.

This is a gallery wall for my daughter’s room. I love it! I had most of the pieces already hung and then anchored it with an architecture piece.

I styled this one more traditional with pottery barn frames that the client already had. She had these frames and had never hung them up. So I worked on adding in other pieces to give it some interest.

Farmhouse has been my go to style for years. This one is actually in my hallway with a $2 yard sale find mixed in to frames from Hobby Lobby. I love a little interest so I add in wall pockets or shelves to give dimension and an opportunity to add in greenery.

In spite of your style, use the same principles using an anchor piece and then working your way out. I put it all out on the floor and then center the section I’m working. Make sure you when you are hanging your wall art you use this method in the blog post >>>here. I promise you will thank me for it. I use this method constantly and don’t get nervous anymore about have a bunch of holes in my wall.

I hope this inspires you to hang up those wall art pieces. I just recently painted my foyer, living, dining room and kitchen, so I understand the anxiety in hanging up any wall art. I’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have in the comments.

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