Master Bedroom Redesign

Why are bedrooms the last to decorate on everyone’s list? Its always my last place that I usually work on for myself too. I want it to be calming and relaxing, but its seems like that’s not always the case. Its like we decorate for everywhere that everyone else will see. I find myself finding pieces for my kids rooms more than my own. Its should be just as important! Its the last thing you see at night and the first space you see in the morning.

I’ll be sharing some simple updates on how to spruce up your bedroom for spring. Updating doesn’t have to be expensive, you can add a few touches to make the room feel better to you……..

1. By simply decluttering.

2. Add in a touch of real flowers to wake up to. They don’t have to be store bought, search around your yard for things blooming.

3. Soften space with new throw across your bed.

4.Bring in spring color pillows

5. Add a comfy seating spot, bench or chair

6. Freshen bedding with new sheets or quilt

7. Add a candle or warmer for a fresh scent

8. Rotate a rug from another area of your home

9. Corral clutter in baskets or trays

10. Repurpose some decor from around your home. Search for wall art, frames, vases and items you can move around to seem new.

Sometimes its just rethinking and reusing things we already have in a new way. I always have a box of decor that I don’t want to necessarily get rid of but don’t have the perfect spot for it. YET! That’s the honest answer of someone who is “collector.”

The pictures below are of a simple redesign I did for client. By adding in new drapes, accessories, hanging wall art (she already had) and framing out the bed; it made a world of difference having the room “put” together.


These are some before pics of the space. The room has beautiful coffered ceiling and 2 large windows that frame the bed. for the drapes. These were in a beautiful stripe.
Night stand from my shop, Leah Shea Interiors

I hung these trim pieces in so close together that they looked like one big piece. To hang them even, I used my painter’s tape method…..You can find the link to the blog post here.


master bedroom

The point is you just have to START setting a goal for yourself of one thing you can accomplish today. Try to see what you can get done before a certain time in the day. You can apply that to anything in your life, it doesn’t have to be about decorating. Some days I don’t feel like I accomplish anything, but I just have to START. That starting is the key. Its a domino effect….one thing gets done and then the next and the next. Hope this gives you all of the inspiration you need to just do that ONE thing and it will lead to another.

I challenge you to take about 20-30 minutes to work on your bedroom this week. See what you can use around the house to freshen it up.

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