Spring decorating {4 Ways}

I love Spring decor. Little birds, tulips, rabbits…..are all great for adding some cute spring touches. Decorating for Spring doesn’t have to be expensive just look around your house for things you already have.

This was the first project I ever did a Live video over on Facebook. Looking back it was probably a bit too much to undertake on my first live, but decorating is what I could talk and talk about. So I thought that would be the easiest thing I could do. I was soooo nervous about hitting that Live button. Honestly, I thought I would be sick. My husband thought I was nuts for being so nervous. I’m quiet, reserved and being in front of a group of people and speaking is the last thing on Earth I want to do. But guess what? I made it through. I’m still here.

Here is the start of what I had to work with for this project. I wanted to show everyone how you could take items you already had around your home and change them up for spring. Now granted, I decorate in a farmhouse style 90% of the time so that’s what style most of my items were in.

We have had this buffet in our foyer for a few years.  It was stained with chainsaw oil when we first got it.  We primed it with a primer, painted it a duck egg blue so that the oil would not show through and then I later painted it white. This space in our foyer is what I usually will change this space up for the seasons. It has an accent wall of shiplap that I showed you how we did that in this blog post.  

I always start with a few key pieces and then just change them up a little. During the live video on Facebook, I showed you some tips on decorating, adding height, and interest.  

decor for spring decorating

This is the stash I had to work with so I could give you some options on how to decorate a piece of furniture 4 different ways by just changing it up a little.  I love farmhouse decor and that’s my natural go-to for my personal style.  I always have scales, old books, seltzer bottles, and good pieces for adding interest.  Find what you love and incorporate those into your home.

This was option number 1 that I showed in the video.  I created interest with the varying pieces, I added height to keep the eye moving, and texture with the chippy of the corbels.  This palette would be good for neutral decor.  I love the soft colors and the calmness of it.  

Option 1

spring decorating

Option 2

The second option I did in the video was a pop of color.  

spring decorating

This one was taking the touch of green and using it throughout the display.  Then the pop of color is in the real touch tulips.  It is using that color that draws your eye immediately to those.

Option 3

This option is a little more modern when I added the black candlesticks, touch of gold, and the natural from the wood elements.  I love adding the natural elements in with the concrete and the wood. 

Option 4

This one is a little more dramatic using the larger proportion items.  I added the cherry blossom stems to draw your eye up and around the display.

Spring decorating

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the different ways that you can decorate for spring! Love how it turned out!! What do you think??  If you love this project, you can pin the image for later. Click on the photo and pin the image so you don’t forget!

Let me know in the comments below which option is your favorite 1, 2, 3, or 4.

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spring decorating 4 ways