Easy DIY wall art

{Tutorial on a Basic Architecture Wall Art piece} This is an architectural piece that you could do a variety of ways to fit your personal style. This project is simple, easy, and cheap way to create a piece of wall art for under $15.

Just make it your own! It only takes a few simple supplies (listed below) and 2 tools.

You could use barn wood for more of a rustic look or add in some spindles for the center for more of a decorative gingerbread trim look. The basic shape is just a triangle with a brace in the center connecting the two cut pieces and a brace across the bottom. Dress it up however you’d like. We ended up using brackets and plates from Lowes that were aged.

Here is what you will need to get started.


  • Corner bracket
  • Protection plate
  • Toilet bowl cleaner (if want brackets to not be shiny)
  • 8′ board (found this one already stained)

Only tools you will need are a miter box/saw to cut pieces into 45 degree angle and a hammer.

I only ended up using the corner bracket and the 2 protection brackets in the center.
Trim for DIY Wall art

This is the wood piece that we got that already was stained the charcoal color. You will need two if you want to end up doing a bigger wall art piece. The one we did was 2′.

Corner brackets from Lowes-you only need one of these.

oxidizing metal brackets

This is a quick way to change the look of the metal brackets using Lysol toilet bowl cleaner. After 3o minutes of sitting in the sun it will start to turn a dull finish once you rinse the cleaner off. You could also use the hammered spray paint to dull the finish. This is the part where you make it your own.

Below is the picture of while they are sitting outside.

oxidizing brackets

Next Step

Now this is a good time to start on the triangular wall art piece. Start with an 8′ piece of already stained board. This came from Lowes and was $7. Super fast and easy!

Cut the board into (2) 2′ lengths and 45 degree angle to fit at right angle.

The extra 4′ will be your center brace across the bottom. Here it is laid it out with the brace and marked underneath at the angle that needed to be cut. You can make it as big or small as you’d like. Also use whatever you would like to make it decorative.


The top pieces were cut on a 45 degree angle so they would fit together easily and then be connected with the corner bracket. Roofing nails were just used to connect the 2 pieces and extra wood glue wouldn’t be a bad idea to help support.


This type of bracket above is called a protection plate that is used in construction. These have metal pieces sticking out on the back that are simply hammered into the wood. Easy! You can tell that the toilet bowl cleaner dulled the finish so it wasn’t so shiny! Quick way to do and looks more authentic.

diy wall art piece

Flip the piece over and hammer down the corner bracket across the top so it won’t stick out from the wall. Simply sand down edges, add whatever decorative pieces you want to the center. I left the center of this one plain, but you could easily add in spindles to make it more decorative.

This project can easily be added to a gallery wall for more interest! Make sure and Pin to your Idea boards on Pinterest.

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DIY simple easy wall art

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