TOP 5 favorite paint supplies

These are my top 5 favorite supplies for painting furniture. These are my go-tos for starting any paint project!

My husband and I have been painting furniture and doing DIY projects for about 7 years. We have tried every type of paint or tool known to man. No joke! So we have some favorites that we have found over the years to work best when you are wanting to work on a project for yourself.

{My Favorites}

Below is a list of our favorite tools or supplies to get you started on painting furniture.

1. Fusion Mineral Paint This is by far the best paint I have found that is easy to work with. I have made my own chalk paint, used all the name brand chalk paints, and still have gone back to this one. It goes on super smooth, you can distress (if you want), self leveling, built in top coat, and goes really long way. For an average 6 drawer dresser, I can paint 1 pint and have some left over. So for $22 in paint, I have a finished updated piece.

2. Paint sprayer that we use with an air compressor. This is by far the easies to use and the cheapest to do those tedious projects like chairs. We use the Fusion mineral paint in the sprayer (sometimes with tiny drop of water) to give the piece a great factory finish. You can find these paint sprayers on Amazon for around $20.

Link to Amazon paint sprayer. {You will need an air compressor to run this paint sprayer} *affiliate link

3. Purdy brushes are what I use to paint with. I like the 2″ size in an angled bristle so I can get in all the crevices of the furniture piece. These are perfect for any project and don’t lose their bristles like cheap brushes will. Here is the link to the one I use. *affiliate link

4. Sanders I like using this Ryobi sander because its battery operated. It is great for small projects like distressing or sanding down a small piece. A quick easy tool to grab when you have a small job. Here is the link to the one we have *affiliate link

This is another one that I have used a ton. It is a Dewalt orbital sander and is for those really touch jobs like taking off the finish of a table or dresser to raw wood. This one has been a great tool and have had it for years. * affiliate link

5. Krylon Spray paint This is the spray paint that we use to update the hardware. Its an easy and inexpensive way to update the hardware. Just make sure and add sealer spray paint over the top so it won’t chip. *affiliate link

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top 5 painting supplies