diy gift wrapping paper

A few years ago, we had a major snowstorm and were snowed in for several days. For Kentucky, it usually will melt within the day or two after but not that year. The kids were bored after a day or so and I had a roll of brown kraft paper in a closet left from a project. So we decided to DIY some gift wrapping paper. My husband grabbed some crayons, markers, stencils, and they drew and drew. They kept unrolling the paper and drawing more Christmas characters and all of their favorite of Christmas items. This is just an ordinary brown kraft paper from Dollar Tree or Walmart. This is such a fun kid project that is perfect to try for all ages even the big kids!

This particular roll is from Walmart. Dollar Tree doesn’t have as much on the roll as Dollar General or Walmart.

So grab you a roll of kraft paper to keep on hand when you need it. The kids love drawing and creating wrapping paper to wrap gifts in. They can use stencils or free hand like my daughter did below.

I’ll then use the paper to wrap my gifts. My grandmother loved this idea that year and didn’t want to throw away their drawings. Great snow day or quarantine project for all ages!

In case you don’t have kids to make the art work… it still makes cute wrapping paper like I did below with a tree ribbon from TJMaxx and some greenery.

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