diy book pumpkin

The cutest little project for Fall….a book pumpkin. I had several people ask questions after I did the video on the pumpkins I made from the book. I thought I would write out in a blog post so helps to clear up some questions and see in written form. This is a great easy project but I will tell you like it is….this one takes time. If you have a scroll saw or jig saw, you could use that and it would make this a lot quicker. Here is what you will need:


  • Old book
  • exacto knife
  • scissors
  • glue stick or hot glue
  • copy paper
  • green floral wire

1st step: The first step is to find an old book that you don’t care for cutting up.

2nd step: Grab a piece of copy paper and fold in half. Trace out half of a pumpkin including the stem. Cut it out. {just like you do the hearts for Valentine’s}

3rd step: Rip the cover off the book but leave the spine in tact.

4th step: Fold out the book at about halfway. Lay out the copy paper pumpkin where the fold is in the center of the pages.


Step 5: Take the exacto knife and trace around the copy paper pumpkin. Start cutting out the pumpkin on one side of the book….leaving the spine in tact. I would cut one side for awhile and then the other side. Once you make some headway you can sit it up to make sure both sides are even. I lopped off some with scissors because the exact knife was taking longer. This project is not hard at all…but it does take time and patience.

If you have tools at your home…it would be easier to use a scroll saw or jig saw to do this project so much faster. Here’s what it looked like after I got most of the pumpkin cut.


The spine and the flat portion will allow the pumpkin to fold together and sit upright.


The book pumpkin needed a little something else, so I grabbed a leaf from outside and cut it out a scrap piece of the book. Painted the leaf in a little green craft paint.

I also made a curly Q vine for the pumpkin with a little floral wire and simply wrapped around a pencil. Here it is styled on my buffet for fall!


I’m loving these and would be great to do for Christmas with a tree!!

Comment if you are going to make one of these for Fall!

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