DIY glass ornaments

I love a good DIY just like anyone and when they end up being .21 cents then even BETTER! Sometimes projects hit me based on inspiration. This was one of those projects. I love the ornaments below. I had ordered from one of my companies for the shop last year. This year, they were sold out. So I got to thinking I could mimic the look of the marble like ornaments with paint. This is the easiest and simplest DIY to do on a budget. They look so great, no one will be able to tell they are only .21 and similar to something found at places like Pottery Barn.

So here’s what I grabbed in supplies….


Here are the links to some similar ornaments from Michaels and Walmart. The ones I picked up were from Walmart and were $2.98 for 14. or

The other thing I gathered were my paint supplies. You can use whatever colors you have from paint samples or chalk paints. I didn’t use craft paint for this project because I wanted a thicker paint. I was afraid that the colors would run together too much. If you have on hand, give it a try on one to see what it does before you buy something. I also grabbed my pouring resin that I had on hand so my colors wouldn’t mix together when I poured. It makes what I call a marble effect. I used it on a canvas earlier in the summer.

I had small cups that I used to mix and pour the paint in. The first step is to put in the pouring resin and then I layered in my paint. I used a mix of samples from Lowes in revere pewter, white dove, gold metallic, and touch of grey metallic. The key to this project (like any) is to totally make it your own. You are only limited by your imagination. So grab the paints and join me as I walk you through how easy this is.

Once you have your paint poured..if you use the resin like I did. ONLY gently swirl the paint. The resin will keep the paints from mixing too bad and making an ugly yucky color. If you want to try the resin, you can find it here (affiliate link). It can also be used in making gorgeous modern wall art using the same paint pout technique and a canvas. Of course, try using whatever you have on hand first to see if you can get the same effect. I had this product on hand already so I grabbed it.

I simply then took another cup and held the ornament over and poured the paint inside. Super simple. I swirled the paint by twisting the ornament around until it was completely covered on the inside. Then turned them upside down in an egg carton from them to dry.

You can see them here hung on the tree. I took a small piece of ribbon and tied on the top. A beautiful ivory satin ribbon would have been ideal but like I’ve said a million times. Use what you have. Decorating does not have to be expensive. I think these ornaments turned out awesome and am going to make some rose gold metallic ones for my daughter’s tree.

They make great small decorations for packages too.

I would love to know what you think about my 0.21 cent ornaments. Grab some of the larger glass ornaments once they get marked down after Christmas. So keep an eye for those in your craft stores!

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