Fall front porch

Decorating my front porch has always been a favorite thing to decorate for fall! I have always had a small porch so I use what I have. Throughout the summer, I have planters filled with petunias, million bells, ferns, and fountain grass. For fall I take out what doesn’t look so great and add in a touch of fall in the nooks and crannies.

Easy ways to add in Fall to your front porch

By adding in the mums, pumpkins, and ornamental cabbage….make it scream fall. This way I have used what I have but transitioned it to fall. Saves money and time. I have a favorite local farmer that we got ours from so it doesn’t cost a fortune to decorate.

I’ve always loved white pumpkins, the blueish heirloom and white mums! So that’s my go to!! White flowers will always stand out and are way more showy! My grandmother has always said that and she’s right. They show up better on my porch.

The kids have their pick of pumpkins too! They always pick up the little orange ones and ones to carve. I tuck them in the planters and add around the steps. They love to pick out their own!

These are some super simple ways to add in some fall to your front porch!

In case you want to make one of these cute concrete pumpkins….here is the blog post.

Concrete Pumpkin

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