fall birch pumpkin

Texture is one of the design elements that I love to use the most in decorating. It is great to use this in your spaces for fall. This birch pumpkin is no exception. It was super easy to do and adds great element to your dough bowl or fall decor. I have a river birch tree in our yard, and sometimes the birch bark starts to shed off. Why let it go to waste, when you can repurpose it into decor?

I grabbed enough to cover a small pumpkin from Hobby Lobby. Also had some moss from their clearance that we will use on the top of the pumpkin at the end.

Here is what the tree looks like up close.

birch tree pumpkin

The pumpkin is just an ordinary white one from Hobby Lobby. You can find these at most places this time of year. I grabbed decoupage and then quickly went to hot glue. The decoupage wasn’t strong enough to hold.

faux pumpkin

Moss from clearance at Hobby Lobby

moss Hobby Lobby

It was easy project….I just kept layering on the bark one on top of the other until it was completely covered. I had paint in a similar color on stand by in case I needed but I had enough bark to cover the whole thing.

fall birch pumpkin diy

I grabbed some lily stems that needed to be cut down and used those as my stem for my pumpkin.

Wrapped some moss on the top and hot glued it down just around the stem.

fall birch pumpkin

I think it turned out so cute! I love using what you have for a project especially when its free or really cheap!

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