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This time of year there are so many yard sales, auctions, estate sales, flea markets, trade days…you name it we’ve been to them. I get excited just thinking about it! You can really find awesome deals to decorate your home with. My husband has been the king of finding items at these for years. He has a great eye and would go around after he got off work to all the ones in our area. There are certain pieces we search for when shopping for vintage finds. On the top of our list has been furniture, home decor, unique finds, architecture pieces, anything old and chippy.

I’m going to give you a quick run down of what to look for when you are out searching. I have always had a love for anything farmhouse, chippy, white. Not everyone loves that style and that’s perfectly fine. Find what style you love! One thing to do while out searching is keep an open mind. Think what else these items could be used for.

List of Vintage Items to Search for:

  1. Chairs, Stools & ladders

These are one thing I look for all the time. An old stool or chair can be used as a table, plant holder, or the practical like seating. Here are a few that we’ve had over the years. These are a no brainer and sell really well, because who can’t always use an extra chair.

vintage finds
shopping vintage finds
vintage stools

2. Unique furniture

The thing with buying furniture is it is better at auctions and estate sales. Occasionally you can find great pieces at yard sales. Like these pieces below.

painted furniture

3. Architecture pieces

This are a little harder to find and with all the farmhouse a rage for so long with fixer upper it drove up the pricing. Here are a few that my husband has found and ended up finding a permanent place in our home.

4. Home decor

Home decor will obviously vary depending on your style. If your style is farmhouse, you can look for items like scales, enamelware, ironstone, white pitchers, cake stands, milk glass, chunky candle holders, etc. If your style is more boho or modern, look for baskets, brass candleholders, wood accents, old books, items that add textures.

vintage find
vintage find

5. Seasonal items

Yard sales are the best time to pick up decor items that are out of season. Who wants to start looking at Christmas in the heat of summer? But that is the best time to pick up old vintage pieces of any season. Vintage light bulbs, old cookie cutters, old signs that can be made new….so many possibilities. These amber jars are great for adding to fall decor!

boho decor
vintage flash cards

These are some of my favorite items to search for at flea markets. The fun part is you never know what you will find when you are out searching!

I would love for you to post what great yard sale, auction finds you have found in the comments.

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