Fall hydrangea wreath

There is nothing better than an almost free project. I love hydrangeas and they are perfect for all sorts of projects when they dry. This variety that I’m using is called limelight. It has more of a cone shape bloom compared to the traditional mounded bloom of the others. I planted one a few years ago and decorated my shop with them. They look great in metal buckets, baskets, vases, dough bowls, and now I’m making a simple wreath.

This one uses the wire form from dollar tree. I had this one already and grabbed a few other supplies that are listed below.


  • dollar tree wreath form
  • floral wire or paddle wire
  • hydrangeas

This is how many I picked off of my bushes which has now increased to 4 of this particular variety. We won’t discuss how many hydrangeas I have planted on one side of my house…..

You can see the ones that have started to turn a little pink are the ones that I use in the wreath. The others I put in a vase of water inside the house. I didn’t pick all of them by any means so the bush still looks full. This would be a great plant to try in your yard. I highly recommend it because it blooms most of the summer.

making hydrangea wreath

Here is the sped up video of me making the wreath. Its about 1 minute long so you can see how easy it was.

This is super, simple way to add in some fall to your front porch!

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fall hydrangea wreath

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