kids playhouse makeover

One thing about my bunch is that we always have a project going on or about to start one. The playhouse was one of those projects. My husband kept looking at it outside and said it had to be redone. So, 2020 during the month of March shut down, he starts the kids playhouse makeover.

The playhouse has been on our property since we built our home in 2011. My husband had bought off a friend for $150 for our oldest daughter and then we painted and put on some outdoor siding. It still needed work but it was good for her to play in…fast forward the other two come along. They are the ones who grab some old pots and pans, spoons, water, and the one thing all kids love….DIRT. They would cook and cook. They made all kinds of concoctions with dirt, leaves, mulch…you name it they cooked with it. Our youngest are close in age so it made it fun with they were toddlers. The playhouse and the play area around it was always a mess!

Just to give you an ideas of how bad it was…I snapped a couple of Before pics so you can appreciate how far it has come. I mean really how much work has gone into this by my husband. It looks so much better.

Here are some of the before pics when he started tearing off the roof. It was weird roof line and didn’t have a good pitch. The roof wasn’t in the best of shape and redid the roof line. The plan was to put metal on the roof and the sides of the house. I picked out white metal for the walls and black for the roof. Seeing these Before now makes me realize how bad it looked and needed help!

Come on Inside to see the After….

Inside of playhouse

The inside was made from all things that we had on hand already. That’s always been our thing is to use what we have. I don’t know if that’s bad but it forces you to be creative with what you have. He had some thin boards that he cut down into strips so could line the walls to make it look like shiplap. The cabinet doors were free, hardware, the shelf brackets from my shop, and the concrete sink was made. The barn door was built for my little boy’s bed and it was the perfect size for the playhouse. I had some leftover Sherwin Williams paint from my little girl’s room in the color “watery.” So I grabbed some plaster of paris and made some chalk paint with it, in order to paint the barn door.

The floors were in in decent shape from the old playhouse so we left but I grabbed black Fusion mineral paint and a brush. My favorite paint! I painted the floors and the trim around the window in coal black. He had added some tiles to the counter and I painted that as well.

The curtain to hide some of the pots and pans is made from a piece of drop cloth.

Check out the pictures of the inside!

After of the Playhouse

The metal on the outside, turned out so good! It made the little play house look like a farmhouse. Cutest little house on the block! Don’t ya think??

It looks so cute outside at night with the outdoor lighting from Harbor Freight!

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