Modern Farmhouse Design Ideas

It’s always a daunting task to move into a new house.  You have things that don’t fit anywhere anymore, so you buy new items and then wonder where am I going to put that.  You struggle with finding a home for all the things you have accumulated. You know what you like, but aren’t sure how to put it together.  That’s where a designer comes in handy.  Having the ability to take what you already have, maybe add in a few pieces of greenery to make it look cohesive.  

Sometimes it’s great to just start with a blank slate.  You have newly painted walls that you don’t want to mess up and so you look for someone to help.  That’s where the project started.  She new her look she wanted, had collected great pieces, but wasn’t sure how to put it all together.  

The first meeting, she knew she wanted a modern farmhouse look.  She had recently bought a couch and chair from the Magnolia Home line which had very modern clean lines.  No rustic, she said.  I could easily tell after talking what her style was.

She had a massive wall in their family room to decorate, dining room and foyer.  I then went to work on the design plan.  I pulled out pieces that I thought would work to show her. 

I began laying out the foyer design first. She loves gallery walls and with the amount of wall art and photos she wanted to incorporate I knew that’s where we were headed with the design. 

Gallery Wall – Before picture
Dining Room – Before Picture

The largest wall was the most difficult.  I needed a very large piece, so I started with the black arched window and started filling in with other wall art, shelves, and decorative wall pockets to give it a cohesive look.

Don’t you love a good before and after?

Before - Gallery Wall
After Gallery Wall

The dining room was painted in a red with new shiplap on the back wall and she had it painted in the same grey as the rest of the house.  

It really helped the flow and with the white shiplap wall and black table for overall look when you come in front door. 

Dining Room - Before
After - Dining Room

Loved this project and how it turned out!  It made it feel like their home with their personalities once all the photos and décor were up.  

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