Quick Tip on Hanging Wall Art

Let’s face it, hanging wall art can be frustrating!  It is so much easier to just not hang it than to hang it crooked or don’t like where you put it.  Then you have to putty the holes, sand, and touch up paint.

But what if I told you a sure fire way to never hang your wall art crooked EVER again!  This is good for when you have multiple pieces to hang for a gallery wall or anytime really.  Its been a game changer for me! I wish I had known about this years ago, so I thought it would be a good one to share with all of you. It’s so simple but one of those things like “why didn’t I think of that”.

You’ve all seen these pieces that have the two hangers on the back of a wall art piece you really want.  You look at it and think, uggghhh I don’t want to have to hang that piece up.  So you walk away and don’t buy.

This is all you need to get your piece hung.

  • Painter’s Tape
  • Nails
  • Level
Supplies - Hanging Wall Art

First thing first is to mark your piece using your painters tape or freezer tape. Works the same in my book! Take the tape across the entire piece at the same level as the brackets. Once you have it across…

Hanging Wall Art


Take your nail and mark on the tape where you nail hole needs to go.

Mark Nail - Hanging Wall Art


Pull the tape off and place on the wall where you want your piece to go. The great thing about this is you can move it around, up or down, till you get it in just the right spot.  You can use a level against the wall to make sure the tape is level. Most of the time, you can eye ball this part but is always good to double check yourself.


Hanging Wall Art

Then, once you have your tape where you want it, find your holes on the tape and then hammer in your nail on the wall.

Hanging Wall Art


Hang your piece!  I love simple and easy tricks to make my life easier and better!  This one has seriously changed my wall art game. I no longer avoid the awkward piece to hang at the store.

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While you are here, go ahead and Pin this post for later for reference. I promise this makes gallery walls look like a breeze.