neutral christmas tree

This year has been anything but ordinary. We are all craving normalcy and striving to keep somewhat of a routine. I started decorating around the 1st of November this year and I’m proud I did so I have more time to enjoy. I can’t believe Christmas will be here in just a few weeks.

I started with a basic tree from Walmart with LED lights and I decided to try an all neutral tree this year. I have always, always loved red for Christmas but after just have painted my walls and trim, I didn’t want to use red this year. This tree is with all white, marble, metallics, mercury glass, mirrored ones, and collected ornaments from my childhood.

I really could have used another few rolls of ribbon but I was determined to do this tree using what I had already. That’s the good thing about being a “collector” as I like to call it, you usually have what you need on hand. A few new stems of eucalyptus with pinecones were added. I’m seeing more trends in natural elements this year than I have in the past and I love the calmness of it. It fits my style and I thought I could pull it off with what I have. So here are a few pics of the neutral tree…..

I added in a few of the white tallow berry stems that I had from another tree last year for more of the natural element. While I do love ribbon, I like to be able to see my ornaments that I have been given or collected over the years. Sometimes, we can get too much filler and don’t showcase the ornaments as much. I guess I am a little more plain jane and simple in what I personally like. I have lots of clients that love their trees to be filled to the brim with ribbons and stems so that’s what they get.

neutral Christmas tree

This is a tree collar that my husband made solely out of scrap wood that he had from other projects. I asked him to build me a box to go around my tree and then he painted it in the same color as the french doors. I love it and best thing is it was free.

neutral Christmas tree
mantle decor

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