diy wood stocking tags

Sometimes Christmas Diy ideas take me awhile to actually do from start to finish. That’s just how I am…I have to be in the mood to do a project. If I’m not, it is best to just leave alone. This was one of those I bought last year and never got around to working on again. My thought process was that these would be cute tags for stockings. They were from Walmart last year and I haven’t seen them this year. You could use any scrap wood you have, but this was just an easy project I wanted to show you.

Here is what they looked like before. The color was good for what I needed but the word cheers was painted on. So I grabbed some of the revere pewter sample paint I had and painted multiple coats.

For the names I grabbed the Cricut joy and white vinyl. This was a free font that I used with the program. I printed and put my transfer paper on to make it easier. I then laid it out and pulled back the transfer. Super easy project and you can see how they turned out below on my newly painted mantle.

I still need to add ribbon to my garland and wood beads. I love the antique looking bells too and have been eyeing those! I couldn’t wait to show you this project in case you want to try for yourself. It would have been totally free had I used scrap wood but sometimes this is just as easy.

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