updating your outdoor spaces

How many of you have been doing projects lately while we’ve been on quarantine? There were so many days were I was just making a list and trying to get as much done as I could. I needed to do things to keep my hands and mind busy. Projects are my stress reliever and since I couldn’t go anywhere….why not tackle some of those hard projects I’ve been putting off.

One of the things on my list was to paint my ceilings under my porches. They had seen better days over the last few years. This time I decided to go with a neutral grey instead of white. I have this shake siding on the front eave of our house and I tried to coordinate it as much as possible. I ended up choosing mindful grey by Sherwin Williams. Its a good true grey with no blue or green undertones.

We also have these ceiling fans underneath our back porch. After a few hours of cleaning and painting these porches, it always leads to another project and then another. Anyone else?

These were looking pretty rough and were faded out from the sun. The more I looked at them while painting the ceiling….I thought I can do this. So I scrounge up some black spray paint and start taping off around the ceiling. I took the entire globe off and all of its parts, careful to remember what went where. Then I grabbed the spray paint and started.

I used Krylon spray paint for my projects and only need a can and half to finish up these two ceiling fans. I took my time to make sure I didn’t have overspray on my newly painted ceilings. I had the parts laid out on a sheet and also did those in between dry times.

In a few short hours, I had new looking ceiling fans. I think they turned out so pretty! Much cheaper than replacing the ceiling fans!

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