candy cane ornament

For this project, I grabbed package of candy cane ornaments from the dollar tree. I used to make these and put them around at Christmas time when I had my booth. It was just a little something I could do while watching Tv and sell there. Its way different going from a booth to a shop but I always wanted it to look Christmasy during the season. So I haven’t made these in several years, but did a quick video over on Facebook and thought I would share here on the blog.


  • candy canes
  • twine or ribbon
  • hot glue gun
  • embellishments (pinecones, snowflakes, berries, greenery)

That’s it! Then all you need is time and patience.

For the ends, you need to make sure that you have covered the tips. It looks more finished if you do. Then I started wrapping the twine around the candy cane and hot glueing on the way done so its secure. You just want to keep it tight and straight.

That’s it! Its a super easy project that even your kids can do. You can put them around in a dough bowl, tying on packages, or as an ornament. It is just a cute and easy project that I wanted to share!

Here is how I styled mine in my dough bowl with ornaments and greenery!

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