Church pew

For years, we have painted and fixed up furniture. My husband has gotten really good at fixing pieces that have seen better days. So when a friend texted him to see if he could salvage this 100 year old church pew, he told him he would try. It had a ton of rotten wood on the sides of the pew and wouldn’t sit level…obviously. This was a quick picture that I grabbed after he had started working on it. He had to build all new sides for the church pew.

This piece was in a local store in little community nearby and it was important to his friend that it be fixed. He took the original sides off to make a template. It would have been nice and much easier if he could have shortened the sides but that wasn’t possible.

Below is what they new sides looked like. He wasn’t able to source the original wood that it was made from, but was able to put the shields back on the sides.

Here is the church pew all put back together. She really wanted it to be stained but after trying a section it was never going to match the old wood. We showed it to her and decided it would be best to paint it all.

Here is the beautiful church pew painted in Fusion’s Coal black. It looks so much better and I’m sure looks great in her new foyer.

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