DIY Fall Concrete Pumpkin

I have a love for something lately and its CONCRETE!  I have done several concrete projects over the last few months with concrete.  Its so versatile and cheap and the project list is endless! What would you want to make out of concrete?  Have you ever thought about using concrete for fall??  

My husband had this great idea on using concrete when we were talking about getting the shop ready for fall!  I was like I think that would be awesome… Of course it turned out better than I had hoped. 

I have the coolest (I think) project for fall using concrete.  I love it!! Are you ready for it? Then keep reading.  

 This is what you will need!

Grab you a Halloween trick or treat bucket, a bag of concrete, and some water!  That’s all you need….I mixed this one directly in the Halloween bucket.  

We actually used a drill with a paint mixer attachment for this project. You wouldn’t need these tools for the project, but it sure makes it a lot easier.  

We started with several scoops of concrete to a pint of water.  When doing a concrete project, you don’t want to have the mixture too soupy. It is better to start with a little water and then you can add more.  Of course, if it gets too watery then go back and add more concrete.

Once you have it mixed to the top of the bucket, add in a piece of wood for the stem.  

We cut a part off of a tree and put in before the concrete started to set.  

Let it dry overnight! When you go back the next day it will be set up enough to cut the bucket off the outside.  If you had one with the face, then it will leave the lines and the impression on the outside.  It is a really cute project that can be adapted for any time of year!  You could paint these to give them some color or leave them plain the way I did.