DIY Fall Arrangement with Wood Flowers

Have you ever seen wood flowers before? I had never seen anything like these. I was so excited to get these and start crafting with them. The options were endless on the varieties and possibilities on the colors that I could use. They are very lightweight-wood shavings that are made into all different type of flowers, shapes, and sizes.  There are a mix of ones made to look like zinnias, mums, succulents, roses, and daisies….all different kinds of varieties.

Here is a link to the flowers on Amazon: <referral link>

I chose a mix of all different sizes for this project and started by dyeing a few of them in watered down fusion mineral paint.  I started by choosing my colors that I wanted to use and putting paint in a small bowl that I could toss.  I then added in a couple of drops of water and mixed.  You could use any type of craft paint, but this is what I had on hand. The more water you add the more it will dilute the color.  

I then just dropped the flowers into the bowl of paint and moved it around.  For the tight woven flower petals, I used a paint brush to get into the crevices. 

I then just hot glued each flower onto a floral stem that you can find here below on Amazon. <affiliate link>

Once I had them stemmed, I started arranging them in a wooden crate. Fall is right around the corner and I wanted a softer color palette. Love the look of eucalyptus and heirloom pumpkins this time of year, so that was my inspiration! 

I chose a coral, soft taupe, mustard, sage, and a lighter yellow.  I added in some floral foam to my crate and started arranging the flower stems, pumpkins, and eucalyptus.  These flowers are so versatile, you can make these coordinate with your décor for any season.  So excited for you to see the finished piece…….

Love how it turned out!! What do you think??  If you love this project, you can pin the image for later. 

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