DIY farmhouse riser

Farmhouse riser or tray? What would you call them? Either way , they are great for adding in height on your tabletop or counter to corral those special pieces. I love using them with a cloche or just to showcase my favorite vintage find! Ya’ll know I have lots of vintage in my home!


For this project you will need:

  • square piece of wood
  • short furniture feet
  • nailer
  • wood glue
  • paint or stain of your choice

My husband found a piece of oak stair tread that was on the marked down aisle at Lowe’s for $20. It was long enough to actually make 3 risers with it. You can have Lowe’s cut the wood down to the size you need (great time saver).


While we were there we picked up small furniture feed for $1.78 each. These will later be cut in 1/2. You wouldn’t have to do that step but it is great if you are wanting to make several of these.


Once the boards are to the size you need, line up your feet underneath and with the same spacing under the board. You can add a little wood glue and nail the feet down through the top. Love the Ryobi nailer and router from,1979,726,2010,2003 They had a great deal around Father’s Day and my husband got some new tools. They are so easy to use with their interchangeable batteries.

I sanded the boards down really well and then routed the edge. It just makes it look more detailed. It was surprisingly easy to use the router.

The next step is to finish the project with paint or stain. Stain would have been really pretty with the oak stair tread. I ended up taking a darker paint and painting it all around the edge so when I sanded it, the dark would show through. Then I painted the whole thing a solid white. I took sandpaper and sanded edges so my dark color would show through.

These are so much fun to style (which let’s face it) that’s the fun part. You can use them around your sink for dish soap & scrubber or in the bathroom for all the containers of q-tips & cotton balls. Another option is just to decorate with your favorites.


Love how it turned out!! What do you think??  If you love this project, you can pin the image for later. Trust me, you need a riser in your life.

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