making Angel wings for $2

With Halloween fast approaching, we had a short amount of time to get the kid’s costumes ready since it is THIS week.  Anyone else, or is it just my family??  

Its does seem like, however, that we tend to work better under pressure.  Its those crunch time projects over the years that have turned out to be the best ones yet.  We have almost always (exception of a couple of years) made our kids costumes or see what we can create with things we might have.  

This year one of the girls wanted to be an angel for Halloween.  So it was off to figure out how to make some realistic looking wings.  My husband is very creative and the one to come up the costumes in our house.  He loves to do this part as a Dad and so he naturally took over this DIY.  

This is all you need to make these wings.


DIY angel wing supplies


Grab your Foam Poster board and draw out your wings. He did these in a tear drop shape, large enough to cover her back.

Drawing angel wings on foam poster board


Start cutting our your angel wings with an exact-o knife or something sharp to cut through the foam board. If its jagged-you can fold over the coffee filters later so that doesn’t show.

Cutting out angel wings


Start folding your coffee filters in half and then half again, so it looks like a triangle. Then just start at the top of the wing and start hot glueing them down. You need to layer one row underneath the next. This is also where you can fix the cutting on the sides and fold over the coffee filters around the edge. Continue to do this step all the way down and then wrap them around at the bottom. Then do the same steps for the other wing.

Making angel wings


Attach an extra piece of foam board to your underside with hot glue so that the wings stay together. Then he secured zip ties to make the straps to go around her shoulders. These are what we had on hand.

You might want to do both sides of the wings with coffee filters depending on how much time you want to put in it. You would just want to pick up another package of coffee filters from the Dollar Tree.

Here is what they look like after both wings are completed layering in the coffee filters.

DIY angel wings for $2

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DIY angel costume for $2