Boys Room

Decorating for Kids

When decorating for my kid’s rooms, its hard for me to let go and let them choose what they want. I know, its really not important and its their space.
Concrete Pumpkin

DIY Fall Concrete Pumpkin

I have a love for something lately and its CONCRETE! I have done several concrete projects over the last few months with concrete. It's so versatile and cheap and the project list is endless! What would you want to make out of concrete?

DIY Concrete Planters

I have been loving the look of concrete planters for a couple of years now. I have picked up a couple of different shapes and size ones along the way for the shop. Two of those have made it home with me.
Hanging Wall Art

Quick Tip on Hanging Wall Art

Let’s face it, hanging wall art can be frustrating!  It is so much easier to just not hang it than to hang it crooked or don’t like where you put it.  Then you have to putty the holes, sand, and touch up paint. But, what if I told you a sure fire way to never hang your wall art crooked EVER again!